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Welcome to Hunt Fish and Dine. Our team is led by John Hardy and is passionate about helping hunters and travelers make the most of their outdoor adventures. Our Pro Staff members share their expertise to guide you in selecting the best gear and tools to enhance your experiences. Whether you’re gearing up for a hunting trip or planning a travel adventure, we’re here to provide reliable advice and high-quality recommendations.


To start the new year off right, I needed to spend a few days away from the computer and the constant barrage of emails. I realized that missing September doves last year had left me feeling like I was missing a big part of who I am at my core, so knowing that all of the migratory birds of the year would be collecting in deep south Texas, I set off in a search for the best of January birds…

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I have hunted ducks and geese for over 50 years now, part of that time as a professional guide in my home state of Louisiana and surrounding areas. While I am not nearly as mad at them as I was at 35 the Syren’s song of White Fronted Geese (Specklebellys) migrating in early fall still makes my 66-year-old heart beat faster Having enjoyed them on the table…

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I have been hunting turkeys for over 40 years, sometimes not at all, sometimes persistently, and sometimes as a professional guide in South Texas. I sometimes have to decide whether to fish for crappie during the springtime spawn or hunt turkeys, as both happen simultaneously. However, I decided to fish this spring and…

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Snapper in the Central Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana Gulf Coast begin spawning in May and continue through the first part of September. With Snapper season opening in mid-April, the first few weeks can yield some of the best fishing of the entire season. The fish feed voraciously in preparation for the spawn and collect in significant numbers in water from 65-120 feet on wrecks and platforms.

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As fellow outdoor enthusiasts, the ProStaff members and I have personally experienced the crucial role of weather tools in our safety and success. We understand the importance of arming ourselves with the right information to make informed decisions. This shared understanding is what empowers us to thrive and survive in any weather condition.
Reflecting on my own close calls in Storms in the Gulf of Mexico….

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If you are looking for a unique, beautiful, safe, and relaxing Beach destination, look no further than Kiawah Island, South Carolina. As a departure from the crowded Florida and Texas Beaches, I spent the New Year on Kiawah Island, and you should too. There is something there for everyone of any age, from children to older adults. Once through the gates,.

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Hi, I’m John Hardy Lifelong Outdoorsman Fisherman, Hunter and Cook. This website was created to give back to a life lived outdoors and to share the knowledge gained from years of experience in the field on the water and in the kitchen. Not just my own but that of the Pro Staff we have assembled as well, all of whom are the some of the most successful and experienced men and women anywhere who share the same love for the outdoors. I hope all who find their way here benefit from and enjoy the site. I hunt, fish, cook, grow gardens and am constantly exploring the outdoors in my home state of Louisiana and beyond. I have been a Charter Boat owner and operator in the Gulf of Mexico and worked on commercial fishing boats there. I have been a waterfowl guide in the marshes rice fields and green timber in three states and guided Turkey Hunters from across the nation in Texas. I have owned and trained Labrador retrievers, Brittany Spaniels and American treeing Feists. I live from the earth and only very rarely buy meat or fish from a grocery store unless it is organic and am healthier for it. I have forged lifelong friendships with people who share the same interests, all of whom I am grateful for. I have learned from them, and they have from me, and we are all richer for it. I’ve always felt that the gift of knowledge is the greatest gift of all. I will always be grateful to the men and women that taught me and instilled in me the burning passion for all things outdoors. The products and services that we offer here are products that we know work well and will provide years of service either outdoors or in the kitchen.